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The most southerly islands in the Caribbean, close to the South American mainland, Trinidad and Tobago are south of the hurricane belt - in fact they are used as a safe haven for yachts during the hurricane season, often simply to save their owners on insurance premiums.
Tobago sits just north-east of it's bigger sister isle,Trinidad. It is in fact a 10 to 20 min flight from Trinidad's Piarco airport to Tobago's Crown Point Airport (both are international airports). Some international airlines fly directly into Tobago.

Many travellers also use the sea route from Port of Spain in Trinidad, to Scarborough in Tobago, often taking the fast-ferries (catamarans), an approximately 2 hr trip.
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Our Hotel is a fifteen minute drive from Scarborough (the capital city of Tobago), where the ferry arrives and is located a five-minute walk from the airport on the Store Bay Local Road.